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Smashing The Ceiling

Aug 12, 2018

Those of us who love running just put on our running shoes and go. But what if you didn't have access to a sports bra and trainers, or didn't have the confidence to start?

Nicola Miller is the founder and chairman of A Mile In Her Shoes, an award-winning charity that she set up in 2012 to share the physical and mental benefits of running with homeless and vulnerable women in London. In 2016, she was recognised as one of the Prime Minister's 'Points of Light', an accolade that acknowledge those making an outstanding difference in their community. As a mum with a full-on job, Nicola, along with the charity's other trustees, runs the organisation in her 'spare' time...She chatted to Naomi about what gave her the idea for A Mile In Her Shoes, how she went about implementing her idea, and the work of the charity now.