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Smashing The Ceiling

Jan 20, 2019

Today we’re starting a new series on career skills to help you in the workplace which will be periodically slotted in amongst our fantastic guests over the next few months.

This series was inspired when a friend revealed to me not so long ago that she had just negotiated a sizeable pay rise after discovering that as the only female in her team, she was being paid significantly less than her male counterparts. As ever, we discussed the HOW of it all (clearly my real life reflects my podcast life) - how she prepared, how the meeting went and how she drove a successful outcome. After a few drinks, said friend suggested that I do a podcast about negotiation, and that got me thinking about all the other work place dilemmas that crop up so regularly, whatever industry you’re in. So today we will be talking about money, and about NEGOTIATION.

During this episode we'll discuss the 4 P's of negotiation: preparation, practice, positivity and persistence. I'll suggest some things you need to consider, and how to break down a negotiation into manageable chunks to make it a little more bearable, because whatever anyone may say, most of us will find a negotiation quite a stressful experience. 

I mention some advice on negotiation from Sheryl Sandberg's team at Lean In and you can find the videos here:

Other useful resources can be found here: 

 Good luck!