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Smashing The Ceiling

Apr 30, 2020

Today on Borborygmi, Sophie is chatting with Fiona Andrew. Fiona has been a qualified vet nurse for almost 20 years and has spent much of her career looking at what it means to be a nurse in modern veterinary practice. Currently working as a Business Support Manager for the Vet Partners Group, Fiona is also Chair of the BVA advisory board. This conversation covers the relationship between vets, vet nurses and owners in practice and also discusses Fiona’s work as leader of an important new Vet Nurse task force - a joint BVA and BVNA initiative that looks at the development of veterinary nurses and how we as a profession, can best recognise the role today and give due credit to what is an indispensable cog in the veterinary machine. 

Borborygmi is a collaboration between the London Vet Show, Vet Times, Vets:Stay Go Diversify and Smashing The Ceiling. Thank you to everyone involved for your help and support, it has been much appreciated.

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Music: "Carefree" by Kevin MacLeod