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Smashing The Ceiling

Mar 16, 2020

Today’s guests on Borborygmi are Daniella dos Santos and Dave Hollinshead. Daniella qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2012 and has recently been elected President of the British Veterinary Association. She is leading the charge to build on inclusivity and diversity within the veterinary community and is a huge believer in ensuring that people from all backgrounds are able to enter the profession.  Here she speaks with Dave, a small animal vet who qualified from Cambridge Vet School in 2011. Dave is based in Sheffield, and works in emergency and critical care. Both entered into the veterinary profession from very different backgrounds, but as you’ll hear in this conversation each faced surprisingly similar challenges along the way.

Borborygmi is a collaboration between the London Vet Show, Vet Times, Vets:Stay Go Diversify and Smashing The Ceiling. Thank you to everyone involved for your help and support, it has been much appreciated.

Tickets for this year's London Vet Show are now on sale and if you'd like to attend, you can get a generous little discount from our friends at the Vet Show by using the link with the code LVS20. See you there!

Music: "Carefree" by Kevin MacLeod