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Smashing The Ceiling

Jan 13, 2019

The chances are that aged 15 or 16 you went to do one week of school work experience, and have never given it a second thought since (although my brother ended up with an excellent full-time job from his one week, lucky sod). The chances are also that at least some of you will have day dreamed about careers you'd wished you'd had, or jobs you wished you'd had an opportunity to try out.

But what if you had the option to try 40 different jobs in 40 weeks? This was the opportunity that Bec Fisher curated for herself last year, to coincide with her 40th birthday. Bec had been a primary teacher for nearly 20 years, but since the birth of her two children had been working as a supply and relief teacher on a part time basis. Needing to make the decision about whether to update her qualifications and return to full time teaching, or to consider a complete career change, Bec decided that doing some work experience would be a good option. This idea then...snowballed, shall we say, and the idea for the 4040 Experience was born.

Camel farmer, florist, firefighter, occupational therapist, weaver, photographer, children's entertainer....the list of jobs that Bec teed up for herself goes on! She chats to us about her experiences, including what she learned, how she did it and what the future now holds for her.

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