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Smashing The Ceiling

May 11, 2020

On today's Borborygmi Zoom call, Naomi caught up with Kieran Borgeat, clinical lead in veterinary cardiology at Langford Vets at the University of Bristol, and his great friend Shaun Taylor, a the founder and director of Yatton Vets in Somerset, an independent first-opinion practice. These two have been friends since their uni days at Bristol and here discuss their contrasting experiences of employment during Coronavirus - Kieran is now on furlough, whilst Shaun is running his practice single-handedly with his nurses, and - awkwardly - had to furlough his mum!  

Borborygmi is a collaboration between the London Vet Show, Vet Times, Vets:Stay Go Diversify and Smashing The Ceiling. Thank you to everyone involved for your help and support, it has been much appreciated.

Tickets for this year's London Vet Show are now on sale and the plan is still very much for it to go ahead. Book tickets using the link with the code LVS20 for a 10% discount. 

Music: "Carefree" by Kevin MacLeod